Reminder: We hope you enjoyed the 5th Annual Step Up Walk. Donations are being accepted online through December 31, 2022. Thank you! We are looking forward to the 6th Annual Walk in 2023.


Welcome to the
5th Annual

Central Missouri


Saturday, October 8, 2022

The Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk & Festival is a day of celebration, family fun and community. Guests of all ages will enjoy an array of entertainment and activities, ie; live music and dancing, bounce houses, carnival rides and pony rides to name a few. Lunch and beverages will also be provided. The event will conclude with a one-mile ceremonial walk in honor of your loved one with Down syndrome.

Your support and fundraising efforts provide year-round comprehensive, individualized therapeutic services, educational programming, and support resources & services for individuals with Down syndrome and their families!

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Down Syndrome

One in every 700 births is a baby with Down syndrome. Each year approximately 6,000 babies are born and there are approximately 250,000 people living with the condition in the United States. It is the most commonly occurring genetic condition and happens when a baby is born with a triplicate copy of the 21st chromosome. Early intervention, high quality educational programs, a stimulating home environment, good medical care and societal acceptance enable people with Down syndrome to be contributing members of their families and communities.

Down Syndrome Innovations serves over 1,500 families, 22 hospitals, 45 school districts and dozens of early childhood and adult service provider organizations in Kansas and Missouri. These families and professionals trust us to provide accurate up to date vital resources and education to help them support individuals with Down syndrome. Visit to learn more about our mission and work.

Our Mission

Our life-changing support and services enable people with Down syndrome to live to their fullest potential.

Our Vision

We serve as the expert resource and lead community mobilizer, sharing knowledge and creating solutions for people with Down syndrome.

Our Values

  • Community – we promote meaningful connections in everything we do
  • Innovation – we think broadly and boldly in pursuit of excellence
  • Individuality – we value the unique potential of every person
  • Passion – we are deeply and personally committed to making a difference
  • Trust – we work collaboratively to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes

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